Ukulele Tree

So here’s a pic of our new ukulele tree. When my sister-in-law heard about it she said, “Oh, we used to have a ukulele tree in the backyard when I was growing up.” She clearly had an interesting childhood. Anyway, this tree holds 16 ukuleles, all of which actually play in tune.  We’ll be putting individual pics on the website in days to come, so if your dog has fleas, check ‘em out…

JonPaul Bows

Just got in a new shipment of carbon fiber and carbon composite bows from the JonPaul company. The various models differ from one another in terms of playing qualities as much as wood bows differ from one another. The JonPaul “Matrix" - a woven carbon fiber bow with a reddish tinge, is one of my favorites. It reminds me of a Hill violin bow I played for many years that had a rich tone and could reliably execute any stroke. (OK - it balked at Hora Staccato, but that was definitely me.) Also like the “Carrera” which has a classy feel and - well - drives like a Porsche. (I only drove a Porsche once, but it was smooth and powerful, just like this bow…) You’re welcome to stop by and do some comparison playing.


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